Finders Keepers Estate Sales            - We purchase and sell contents of homes and Estates
Welcome to FindersKeepersEstateSales.Com  

Please note that we are changing our services and making changes to the website:

As of May 1, 2016, Finders Keepers will no longer be doing estate sales or moving sales in peoples’ homes.   

Occasionally, if your home is gated or you find that an estate sale is not an option for you, it is possible that we could  be interested in purchasing the contents of the home.  Please call us for more information if you would like to discuss if that is an option for you.
We will occasionally have individual estate items listed here for sale.
There will be a photos link below to view the items we have for sale with prices that are negotiable.  I will be adding additional items as they become available to view. 

Please check back for more estate items coming up soon.  I will be listing more items and posting dates and times that I will be selling from the U-Haul Storage Units, but you don't have to wait for those dates.  You can call to set up an appointment to view items, as soon as it is possible for me to meet with you.

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Email list is for customers to be notified of special upcoming items for sale.

Contact Us:
For more information call Mary Ann Pihlblad at 904-753-1278
Or send an email with any questions or comments.  
We do not sell or give away email addresses to anyone and we will not spam you.  If you have joined the email list you will only receive emails about upcoming items for sale or important changes to the website.  

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